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Sauter Edelstahl
Sauter Metall

Stainless steels
Duplex materials
Sheet metal and fittings Profiles
Long products
Foodstuff fittings

More than 7,000 tonnes of
aluminium and stainless
steels – coils, sheet metal,
pipes, steel bars, fittings and
food fittings – in a wide range
of grades and versions,
special profiles in inox and
aluminium alloys – available
from stock

Fixed formats in aluminium/
stainless steel from the cut-to-length
line for formats of 0.5
to 5 mm thick and a maximum
of 2,000 mm wide

Modern steel/metal logistics
centre with an area of around
15,000 m2 and an integrated
service centre

Customer orders are produced
daily with fully automated
warehouse systems and
delivered just-in-time with an
efficient delivery service; call-off
orders and storage at the
customer’s request

Fixed formats from our own
cut-to-length line, special cuts
from our plate shear, pieces
cut by water jet, aluminium
CNC processing, assembly

Surface finishing/anodising,
grinding, brushing, polishing,
glass-bead blasting and
colour coating

Extensive sawmill facility for
precision and mitre cutting,
special profiles according to
customer drawings

BIBUS Metals
S+D Metals
Hartmann Materials

Titanium and nickel alloys
Welded material
Special stainless steels

Warehousing of over 1,200
tonnes of high-performance
materials such as nickel, titanium
and their alloys as well
as special stainless steels

Semi-finished products in the
form of sheet steel, strips,
rods, wires, pipes and pipe
accessories as well as welding

Production of components
according to customer drawings,
turned and milled parts
as well as forged parts

Compilation of total packages
for projects, call-off orders,
storage with just-in-time delivery

Cutting service, shearing,
sawing, laser cutting, water
jet cutting, forging, heat treatment,