Application Examples

Facade Construction

Wether it's a specific colour, special geometries and cuts or a unique surface design -
no challenge is too great. Working closely with planning offices and architects, BIBUS Goup
metal processing companies develop facade and window solutions targeted to meet
specific requirements. Thanks to their impressive quality and versatile options,
the stainless steel and aluminium products are used for individual manufacture
as well as for renowned, large-scale projects.

Medical Technology

Medical technology is highly innovative and always changing, making extremely high demands
of materials and processing. Top precision and first-class materials such as titanium
are required for manufacturing medical technology products. With their technical expertise,
high-quality standard products and customer-specific components, the BIBUS companies
in the materials segment can meet the highest demands. (Medical Certificate: EN ISO 13485)


The aerospace industry is supplied, reliably and according to demand, with a wide range
of high-performance materials, titanium and titanium alloys together with aviation stainless steels,
in the form of semi-finished products and customised products, for static and rotating applications.
The comprehensive range meets all demands regarding quality, traceability, certification,
internal procedures and supplier reliability. Several Group companies in Europe and Asia
have been awarded the EN/AS 9120 aviation certificate.

Food Industry

Sheet metal, pipes and tubes, stainless steel bars, fittings, all in a wide range of versions and
quality grades - in the field of systems and container construction for the food industry,
the BIBUS Group companies in the materials segment offer a range of stainless steels
that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Thanks to many years of experience and an excellent supplier base,
solutions for special qualities and dimensions can also be quickly supplied.