Application Examples

Shipping and Rail Traffic

The development and production of embedded computer systems that withstand
the toughest demands on their ruggedness and resilience from the core competencies
of BIBUS companies in the electronics segment.Typical applications are shipping and rail transport.
Here both private and state principals have for decades relied on products
that meet the highest standards, 100 percent made in Switzerland
and not only shock and vibration proof, but also extremely energy-saving.

Avionics and Aerospace

Solutions by the BIBUS subsidiary MPL AG are in demand both in the avionics
and the aerospace industries. Since 1995, NASA has been acquiring products
that withstand harsh conditions from them, including for use in the International Space Station.
The BIBUS company also supplies embedded computer and electronics solutions for planes
and unmanned aircraft, specifically developed for the demanding avionics environment.
The electronic product design provides exceptional mechanical resistance and guarantees
the best in reliability combined with top industrial-quality components.

Mobile Network Technology

Specific examples of the pioneering range of the BIBUS Group electronics segment are the LPWAN
(Low-Power Wide Area Network) products, which can be used to network new and existing infrastructure
efficiently. Due to their lower energy demands, greater coverage and lower costs than standard available
networks. these systems are suitable for a number of M2M (machine-to-machine)
and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The sensors, network products and service
of MPI Technologies AG can be used for any process and any medium to be measured or monitored,
as they are compatible with third-party sensors and systems.

Industrial Automation

Automation, increases in efficiency and production from a single source: the SCADA
(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and MES (Manufacturing Excution System) solutions
from the BIBU subsidiary MPI Technologies AG cover a wide range of applications in industrial
processes. They are used by leading companies for montioring, control, visualisation,
data recording or alarm setting in complex procedures. Because they are expendable
and independent of operating systems, the configurations of innovative software
and robust hardware such as computers, HMIs and network products enable optimisation
of production, quality and logistics processes.