Promoting innovation

Pioneering solutions

The success of the Group companies MPL AG and MPI Technologies AG is based on the consistent offer of reliable and robust electronics - focusing on the demands of industry. With their pioneering integrated solutions, these companies have made a world-wide contribution to innovation in technically demanding and extremely robust systems.

MPL AG develops and manufactures high-quality computers, systems and network products for all industrial demands. The success story of the company is based on a clear product concept: ultra-low power consumption, a wide temperature range and robust design. The solutions developed are innovative and unique, with guaranteed long-term availability. They come without fans and are therefore low-maintenance.

The products and systems have proved their worth a thousand times over and because of their resilience and reliability are often used under extreme and demanding conditions, such as medical, transport and marine technology, as well as in aviation, aerospace and defense. MPL AG is the right choice wherever a truly reliable products is required. In addition, the company specializes in the development of drivers, the support and adaptation of BIOS, LINUX and Windows operating systems and network technologies.

MPI Technologies AG is a leading Swiss provider of robust, reliable IT and IoT systems. Since 1992, the company has been supplying customers from a wide range of industries with customized computing, mobile, display, network and system solutions. At the same time, MPI Technologies AG places great value on supporting projects with the most demanding technical requirements as well as very price-sensitive applications - from robust mobile devices to industrial PCs, gateways and complete display systems to high-voltage components.