Network of expertise - partners for technology, materials and electronics

We are a leading company in our core activities and offer our customers high quality products and services. The keys to our success are the network of expertise and the skills of our employees. Supporting Your Success

Together with our partners, managers and employees, we have continued to build on the foundation laid by Dipl. Ing. Hans Bibus in 1947 and already further expanded and developed by his son Felix Bibus.

From being exclusively a steel trader, without its own warehouse, the individual company has developed over the decades more and more in the direction of its current three business segments: technology, materials and electronics. The same core competencies are pursued in all three segments: engineering, logistics and services – to differing degrees depending on the business segment.

The value added that we produce for our customers, the tasks that we fulfil for our customers, has fundamentally changed over the decades, always focused on covering the perceived changing needs with appropriate services – internationally. International progress in the area of communications and the associated “general” knowledge of foreign procurement sources have triggered and promoted the first steps for further development, towards new, company-specific expertise. Pure steel trading was slowly replaced by the addition of new technological products requiring explanation or engineering. The step from the individual company to a corporate group was complete.

The Swiss market alone proved to be too small over the years of successful growth. The removal of borders in Europe promoted the strategy for growth beyond the borders of Switzerland and as far as Asia. The simultaneous internationalisation of the activities of our formerly exclusively Swiss customers and their support also at other locations supported its implementation. Care of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers and partners in new markets shape the activities of our subsidiaries also outside Switzerland: extend established, proven relationship and supplement with new one – on the side of the customer and on the side of the delivery partners.

The product range is not the same in each of the subsidiaries – but each one offers the same services as core competencies: engineering, logistics, services – and each of the companies has access to the know-how and resources of the whole group. For the customers, the delivery partners and for the employees, this is a concept which has led and will in the future lead to long-term, successful partnerships.

Christian Bibus
Conrad M. Ulrich-Bibus